Wayanad Hotel welcomes you to Wayanad

Tourist spots of Wayanad is gaining its importance after the worst flood seen in last 100 years. The devastating floods of August 2018 not only demolished several roads, houses etc but also it was a huge bang on the tourism sector itself.

Still the district administration is trying hard to bring tourists back to explore Wayanad, the lovely district. Between 2018 September – November, 880666 visitors arrived at Pookode lake. Heritage Museum, Ambalavayal welcomed around 101839 visitors.

The historical spot of Edakkal caves were visted by 408884 tourists. Kuruva island, which is closer to County Pep Holiday home allows 950 visitors everyday. DTPC allows 475 visitors via Paalvelicham route and Forest department allows another 475 visitors through Pakkom route.

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